You are hereUS News: Karl Rove Groups Plan $120 Million Campaign in 2012

US News: Karl Rove Groups Plan $120 Million Campaign in 2012

March 1, 2011- A pair of political action committees organized by GOP strategist Karl Rove and demonized by Democrats said Tuesday it plans to raise $120 million ahead of the 2012 elections to help make President Barack Obama a one-term leader and elect Republicans.

American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS told supporters they look to raise the massive sum to combat unions, which spent a combined $400 million to help elect Obama and Democrats in 2008. With eyes on Wisconsin and Republican Gov. Scott Walker's showdown there with Democrats over union rights, the conservative committees hope to attract donors and attention early. [Read 10 things you didn't know about Scott Walker. ]

"These resources will fund advocacy efforts to compete with the torrent of outside money from unions and left-leaning groups," said Jonathan Collegio, a spokesman for the effort. "Our first fundraising goal in 2010 was $52 million, but we ended up raising $71 million. There's more time to raise money, there's more at stake and we have a proven brand now. We've spoken with all of our donors — they're sticking with us, and most plan to come in at a significantly higher level than last time."  [See who donates money to your member of Congress.]

The groups were formed last year with help from President George W. Bush's political adviser Rove and former Republican National Committee chairmen Ed Gillespie and Mike Duncan to supplement the Republican Party's efforts during the midterm elections. The first major so-called Super PAC took massive sums of money — largely from undisclosed donors — and helped by a new Supreme Court ruling, the deep-pocketed group became a dominant part of last election's narrative.




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