You are hereAddicting Info: GOP Rep. Buchanan To Sport The ‘Other’ Type Of Pinstriped Suit?

Addicting Info: GOP Rep. Buchanan To Sport The ‘Other’ Type Of Pinstriped Suit?

-By Lynnrockets

June 23, 2012- Former Republican Congressman and present convicted felon, Tom Delay, may soon have a new roommate.

It is being reported by CNN, that Republican Rep. Vern Buchanan may be serving his next term behind bars. The news source has confirmed there are no fewer than four congressional and federal investigations into Buchanan’s business practices, his campaign finances and his alleged attempt to try to stop a witness from talking. They report that “Buchanan’s former business partner says the congressman schemed to launder money from his car dealerships into his campaign coffers, and then tried to get others to cover it up.” The former business partner is Sam Kazran.

CNN reports that at the center of Kazran’s allegations is a cash swap scheme used to finance some of Buchanan’s campaigns. He says employees were forced to write checks, then were reimbursed with cash drawn from Buchanan’s car dealerships. Kazran says,

“It was to a point where I said, ‘Chief, we can’t give you this kind of money. At which point he said, ‘Just run it through the corporation.’  What he said to me was ‘Get people to write a check to the campaign and then pay them back through the corporation.’”

Kazran took his detailed allegations to the Federal Elections Commission (FEC), which was already looking into Buchanan’s campaign finances. The FEC eventually fined Kazran $5,000 in a settlement because he admitted reimbursing employees for campaign contributions. During the FEC probe, Buchanan pushed to settle a lawsuit Kazran had brought against him at the last-minute, with a $2.9 million settlement offer from Buchanan. Kazran says Buchanan and his team were trying to force him to lie about Buchanan’s role in the campaign cash scheme in exchange for the nearly $3 million cash settlement. Kazran refused to sign and took the affidavit to federal investigators. Now, CNN has learned that Buchanan is being investigated for attempting to tamper with a witness in a federal investigation.




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