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CREW: Christine O’Donnell Lies Again

June 29, 2011- So what’s more shocking:  Christine O’Donnell caught in (another) bold faced lie, or the FEC exposed (yet again) as a thoroughly worthless agency?


A couple of weeks ago, Ms. O’Donnell took to Twitter claiming the FEC had vindicated her in a “frivolous, politically motivated complaint.”   In truth, it was three politically motivated FEC commissioners who let her off the hook.

Back in September, the Republican Party of Delaware filed a complaint with the FEC alleging Ms. O’Donnell and her campaign illegally coordinated with several supposedly independent PACs (including the Tea Party Express) as a way to dodge federal campaign finance limitations. 

Based on information released today, contrary to what Ms. O’Donnell claims, the FEC’s nonpartisan general counsel found there was:

  • Reason to believe that Our Country Deserves Better PAC and Betty Presley, in her official capacity as treasurer, violated 2 U.S.C. §§ 441a(a)(2) and 434(b) by making and failing to disclose excessive in-kind contributions in the form of coordinated expenditures.
  • Reason to believe that Christine O'Donnell violated 2 U.S.C. § 441a(f) by accepting excessive in-kind contributions in the form of coordinated expenditures.
  • Reason to believe that Friends of Christine O'Donnell and Matthew J. Moran, in his official capacity as treasurer, violated 2 U.S.C. §§ 434(b) and 441a(f) by accepting and failing to disclose in-kind contributions in the form of coordinated expenditures.

Yet, despite the recommendation of the FEC’s own general counsel, the Republican FEC commissioners ignored the evidence of coordination.  It’s not much of a surprise.  Led by Donald McGahn, the three Republican commissioners continue to vote in lock step against ANY enforcement action, sending a clear message that there won’t be any consequences for violating campaign finance laws.  President Obama could fix the problem by appointing new commissioners but with his own reelection on the horizon, he really hasn’t shown much interest in giving the FEC some teeth.

So we’re left with an agency that’s a joke, making it all the more appropriate that Stephen Colbert is slated to show up for a hearing tomorrow. 




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